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9 Celebs Who Are Just As Obsessed With Stranger Things As You Are

9 Celebs Who Are Just As Obsessed With Stranger Things As You Are

Article by: Stacey Grant


If you’re tired of hearing about Netflix’s new show Stranger Things, too bad. It’s only been out a few weeks and it’s not going away anytime soon (w88 promotion).

The show, about a group of kids trying to find their missing friend, references several classic ’80s movies, including The Goonies, The Thing, and Stand by Me. And your favorite celebs are just as obsessed as m88 com as you are.

See which of your favorite stars are getting lost in the Upside Down right with you.

  1. Hilary Duff
  2. Shonda Rhimes
  3. Jack Falahee
  4. Alison Brie
  5. Emma Roberts
  6. Lacey Chabert
  7. Thomas Sanders
  8. Tahj Mowry
  9. Nicole Polizzi
  10. Evanna Lynch


Let’s not even pretend––Stranger Things has ~literally~ taken over your life. You’ve already binged it five times and forced your family to get into it, too. Your obsession with Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo is borderline creepy, and the show consumes your every waking thought. You might be over the top, but who cares to w88? You just love it SO MUCH.



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